Found: The Most Flattering Jeans/Jeggings Of All Time

Found: The Most Flattering Jeans/Jeggings Of All Time

Quickie- I picked these jeggings/jeans up from Amazon on a whim and they are always sold out:

When they arrived, I found out why — they’re everything-defying.

Thing one, I hate jeans. Hate them. Hated when I lived in Brooklyn and they became mandatory. Fashion Nova jeans are my favorite, but I still never wear them, because they’re jeans and sweatpants exist. And leggings. Almost every occasion can be survived in leggings.

But these weird Amazon Essentials brand jeggings were selling out constantly, which made me want them just because I couldn’t have them. A single pair of them finally came in stock in an undesirable light wash, and I bought them:

2019 best jeans all time

They’re AMAZING. They genuinely feel like leggings, even more so than the Lysse denim leggings I’ve sworn by forever. And they make your butt look really good. They have back pockets.

I also bought a dark wash pair but I’m saving them for one day, when I leave the house.

Initially I was put off by the model, and the jeans/jeggings looked angular. They are not. They definitely enhance curves if that’s your thing. They come in lots of sizes, letters not numbers. I am not angular and the top pic is from the product gallery — where they look good on everyone.

Fashion Nova jeans are still awesome, but these reign because they feel like leggings. You could sleep in them. They were everything Pajama Jeans promised to be, but more and better and cheaper and without weird fleece in them.

I hate jeans so much I always say good jeans are great, but these are like leggings masquerading as jeans better than jeans do, and it’s the best thing ever. I’ve worn them with teal Pumas and rainbow striped tops, as well as UGGs and a sweatshirt, and also cognac moto boots and a flowery top. Super versatile.

A side note about these jeans, they would be amazing for travel, because you can wear them like leggings but also dress them all the way up for meetings or dinner. I own tons of flattering jeans, but these are the only sweatpants-level of comfort jeans. 10/10, have bought again.

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