ISO Copycat Panera Cocoa and Creme Cookie Recipe

ISO Copycat Panera Cocoa and Creme Cookie Recipe

Tonight I got around to trying the Panera Cocoa and Creme cookie, which boringly looks like an Oreo but sort of has a weirdly macaron-like quality.

Immediately, I took to Pinterest in the wrongful assumption I could locate a recipe (like I’d done for the also fantastic Kitchen Sink cookie). However, no one has seemingly cracked the secrets of this crisp-chewy, Nabisco Chocolate Wafers-like baked good.

It’s like an icebox cake, in cookie form. I plan to order this baking cocoa because it looks dark in color enough to work — but I don’t like dark chocolate chocolate, just in baked goods in this format.

As of now, I’ve not yet located any intel on recreating Panera Cocoa and Creme cookies at home, but I hope to very soon. I’ll update this post if I find any information on this cookie, but so far, no dice.

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