[Local] Chipotle Lindenhurst is Happening

[Local] Chipotle Lindenhurst is Happening

Tonight when I was ordering Chipotle, Lindenhurst populated on the list of nearby locations.

The prospect of a Lindenhurst Chipotle is way convenient for people on the south South Shore, because getting to Farmingdale is surprisingly time-consuming. And you feel pressured to combine it with a Stew Leonard’s trip if you’re going out that way, even if you don’t need groceries at the same time you need guacamole.

I Googled “Chipotle Lindenhurst,” but the only thing that came up were vague job listings and irrelevant Yelp pages. There weren’t even hyperlocal site articles about this mythically nearby Chipotle. So I searched Facebook, and the only relevant results were local group posts debating whether the Lindenhurst Chipotle was ever happening. And disappointingly, someone screenshotted a spring 2018 email from Chipotle corporate which seemingly indicated that if Lindenhurst was getting a Chipotle, it was a long way off.

So I tweeted to @ChipotleTweets to see if I could clarify, not expecting an immediate response. But I got one!

No timeframe was provided by Chipotle for the Lindenhurst location, but it appears to be officially confirmed. Chipotle’s website locator only displays it sometimes, but the address is listed as follows:

Chipotle (Lindenhurst)
912 N Erie Avenue
Lindenhurst, NY 11757

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