(Unisex) Widows’ Jewelry Fave

(Unisex) Widows’ Jewelry Fave

Widowers’ and widows’ jewelry (or any sort of remembrance wearable) can be weird to source.

There are urn necklaces and shirts and whatnot, but often people want to find some sort of subtle way to wear a memorial item. Something that isn’t outwardly sad or even very obvious, but is nevertheless a tangible reminder of their beloved.

As an aside, I’m a folklore fan (obviously). And one of my favorite romantic bits of folklore is the “red string of fate.” Apparently it shows up in anime quite a bit — when I was sourcing our wedding rings, I initially considered red string of fate-themed ones due to the nature of our transatlantic relationship.

Early on, I looked for widow’s jewelry but didn’t see anything I’d wear. Then a bunch of people in a widow’s group mentioned this Tory Burch bracelet, which was available in red. I ordered one and haven’t taken it off since I received it in January. Similar options abound on Amazon:

Marketing for the bracelets often reflects an early aughties trend for “Kabbalah” red strings, but the type doesn’t matter — a red string is a red string. (Mine is in surprisingly good nick after nine months of continuous wear.)

The above-linked Tory Burch item was not widows’ jewelry per se either, but the meaning of jewelry is sort of wearer-dependent. So far as I can tell, the coated string wears well. If the red option ever goes off the market, I’d have no issue replacing it with one of these readily available options. Neither is the Red String of Fate legend specifically widow-related, and the symbolism works in a lot of different applications.

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