Where to Find My Curated Amazon Picks

Where to Find My Curated Amazon Picks

Quickie post here, but I’m sure you’ve noticed the Amazon ads because I lovelovelove to curate things and I buy basically everything from there.

Embarrassingly, the last time I had to call Amazon, the rep was like “wow … thank you for being such a good customer” and I kind of felt like a weird hermit. But I am a weird hermit, even if I do that stylishly sometimes.

So this post is just to drop a link to my ever-growing collection of curated Amazon products. Of course, if you click around from here, they are affiliate links — but my interest in this tool is primarily sharing my favorite finds.

These include:

-Anything Mid-Century Modern;
-Anything Tiffany Blue;
-Anything in a rainbow retro kitchen color scheme;
-Instant Pot stuff;
-Colorful bakeware;
-Beauty tools and pigments;
-Pinup-style clothes and shoes;
-Tiki knick-knacks;
-Anything I use in the kitchen a lot that’s easier to buy on Amazon (big bags of flour, sweetened condensed milk, Torani SF raspberry syrup)

Very much of the time, my picks are based on cost efficiency. There are a lot of things that (if you have a Prime membership). it just makes way more sense to buy in semi-bulk that way. That said, my experiences with Subscribe and Save have been so-so, since it takes a long time to get things and it’s hard to time it with specifically when you’re going to run out. I ended up canceling all those subscriptions, but on the upside I have enough AA batteries to survive a major societal catastrophe.

A great many Amazon items on those lists are things I own, and about which you’ll probably be hearing more in the future in the course of recipes or stories. Thank you for reading, and I hope I can help you find cool stuff.

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