Hush Haul: Wink Brushes? The Atlantis Palette and First Impressions

Hush Haul: Wink Brushes? The Atlantis Palette and First Impressions

After unsuccessfully searching for “wink brushes” reviews during my first Hush app experience, I took one for the team.

I can’t review yet, but I did order the Wink brushes (one of several sets), Face Candy’s Atlantis palette (widely presumed to be a dupe of Tarte’s non-existent “Icy Betch”), some Ordinary primer, a sale CeLaVi brush kit, and some freebies.

Unless I was missing a lot, there were no reviews I could find for “wink brushes” anywhere. There is a brand with identical brushes called “Wink Wink Darling,” with light saber and mermaid style brushes. The quality based on photos alone looks fantastic, with tightly packed and soft-looking bristles.

Affiliate codes abound, but I do not have one specifically. I did get 10% off my Hush app order, on top of new user bonuses (and a freebie). There was also a wheel-spin with offers like a black Beauty Blender and a Wet Brush kit (including a mini flat iron). I wound up winning a Tony Moly sheet masque in Lemon, not one of the higher ticket items.

Selection was decent, and I wound up paring my cart down from $250 in items. There are plenty of dupes for brands like Tarte and ABH, and quality looked to be on par with the wonderful BH Cosmetics. Still, I can’t say til they get here whether that bears out. YouTube reviews for the palette alone were positive, but for some reason no one seems to be talking about Wink brushes. (I already regret not snagging the dipbrow dupe.)

Since this is my first time using and downloading from the Hush app, I don’t know how long shipping will take. But as soon as my Wink brushes get here, I’ll review the palette as well as the brush quality and overall experience. I want that freaking palette so badly!

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