The Annoying Facebook ‘No More Posts to Show’ Glitch

The Annoying Facebook ‘No More Posts to Show’ Glitch

For the past week (mid-July 2018), my Timeline on Facebook has been almost 100% “no more posts to show.”

I’ve investigated every angle of the Facebook’s “no more posts to show” glitch, and I’ve tried every recommended fix for it. Oddly, the problem is consistent across my devices — an iMac, a Chromebook, and an iPhone.

Facebook’s Long-Running ‘No More Posts to Show’ Error Message

In almost all circumstances for roughly a week, my Facebook home page has shown “no more posts to show” along with no posts, or one “Popular Across Facebook” video. That’s it.

Troubleshooting Your News Feed

This problem seems to have persisted for years, and here are the fixes I’ve tried that have not worked:

  1. Disabling any adblocking extension;
  2. Switching browsers or devices;
  3. Changing the feed to chronological or not chronological;
  4. Adding friends;
  5. Liking new pages;
  6. Adding friends to “see first”;
  7. Logging out and logging in again.

Annoyingly, a lot of posts definitively state that any one of those “no more posts to show” glitch fixes is the answer — and none are. Nothing I’ve encountered thus far from the user end has in any way resolved the problem.

I have been able to get limited access to my Facebook News Feed by switching back and forth between “Top Stories” and “Most Recent,” but this usually takes five or more tries and is more likely not to work than to fix the issue. Even when I do get access to some posts this way (which again, is usually not the case), it’s only about ten posts before I run into the “no more posts to show message.”

Obviously, it’s not the end of the world, but it is annoying. I feel like people think I’m ignoring their posts. Also, while this problem seems to have come and gone for a lot of people over several years, comments indicate it’s happening now to other people. Multiple people on the website Down Detector have made the same remarks about the same glitch this week, and most seem to be experiencing it with their account (not their device specifically).

Roughly twice in the past week, (once on July 14th, 2018) my feed randomly returned. However, it quickly reverted to “no more posts to show” again. So the only partial fix I’ve found to re-access one’s feed is to keep switching between “Top Stories” and “Most Recent” until something appears. I’ll update if I find any new or better information for other people whose Facebook feeds are broken. I have not received an answer from Facebook about the glitch yet.

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