Tracking Down Elusive Dip Powder Manicures [Saved My Life]

Tracking Down Elusive Dip Powder Manicures [Saved My Life]

After reading about Dip Powder manicures (often referenced by brand names like SNS or Nexgen), I drove myself halfway crazy trying to find them near me on Long Island.

I live in Babylon, but according to 10,000 Google searches they were only available 30 minutes away or worse, in Queens. And what I needed (nails that didn’t have lifting, catching bottoms a week later) appeared to be entirely out of my unmanicured hands. After locating one close-ish iffy place, I just called my regular nail place — L & T Nails in West Babylon.

It took all of 10 seconds to learn that in fact L & T did dip powder/SNS/Nexgen manicures, a poster for which was centrally placed on the south wall and escaped my notice. I got there within 10 minutes. I wasn’t really sure that this was the UV gel-killer dip powder manicure I’d read so much about. But my regular manicurist pulled out all these powders and did the world’s fastest (yet awesome) dip powder manicure on me.

I was in and out in 30 minutes flat. Like UV gels, dip powder is cured by the time you leave and requires no downtime. Unlike Shellac and Gelish, SNS and Nexgen et. al. don’t require UV or LED curing. It just sort of sets, with a brief period under the fans.

My nails definitely feel more sturdy than they did with peel-y gels. Some reviews mentioned a heavy or fake feeling, which I don’t detect. The attached pic is my actual manicure. And I have that thing of where you chew your cuticles, which is not the fault of the people who do my nails. To my knowledge, no new nail system can replace missing cuticle skin.

The primary reason I sought out dip powder, Nexgen, or SNS nails near me was because I need an intact manicure for nine days. UV gels are good, but just not AS reliable as I wanted. I read in reviews you can get 3-4 weeks of wear out of dip powder, which is super excellent. Dip powder manicures sound perfect for brides having destination weddings, who need to travel before that event. They’re also good for longer vacations where you’re not sure about soak off and the like). It’s still early, but I’m extremely impressed by this inexpensive service and result and imagine I’ll get more dip powder manicures than gels in 2017.

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